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Israel’s Arrow System Intercepts Another Missile Near Eilat (Videos)

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Israel’s Arrow System Intercepts Another Missile Near Eilat (Videos)

Illustrative image. (The Israeli Defense Forces)

On February 22, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that its Arrow air defense system intercepted a ballistic missile that was apparently launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from Yemen over the Red Sea.

The ballistic missile was headed toward Israel, likely aimed for the southernmost city of Eilat, when it was shot down, the IDF said in a statement. It added that the missile did not enter Israeli airspace, and sirens had sounded in the southern city according to protocol, due to fears of falling shrapnel.

Videos from Eilat posted on social media showed smoke trails in the sky over the city from the aftermath of the successful interception.

The Houthis, who are backed by Iran, attacked Eilat using ballistic and cruise missiles as well as suicide drones more than once in recent months in response to the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. All of the projectiles have been intercepted or missed their target, according to the IDF.

The group has also been targeting Israel-affiliated ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The attacks caused a serious shipping crisis.

The United States and the United Kingdom, both top allies of Israel, began launching strikes against Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen last month.

Nevertheless, the offensive capabilities of the Houthis are still intact. This was the group’s second attack on Eilat this week. The group also shot down a U.S. combat drone and targeted a number of ships in recent days.



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Houthis Sink A British Ship

pop goes the weasels….the rubymar has been sunk by the houthis. meanwhile in the imbreeding settler colony, israelis are complaining about a lack of progress

CEO of Yapping

clown time, the zionist group in america became aipac we all know that and aipac is a foreign agent (how are they allow to stay in the us – stop asking questions).

how can israel be a jewish country? when zionist demands allegiance to israel first (a land) not judaism… we all know zionist made israel a safe haven for pedos and gays…

“israel will not be a halakhic state,” prime minister benjamin. lmfao… it is a zionist colony promised by the us and uk (not “god”).

CEO of Yapping

my point is stop saying israel is jewish nation because it never was in fact – it is a zionist nation. fun fact, many of you may know benjamin netanyahu is polish (born by polish parents) and yes he is not a real jew he is also a zionist first before anything.

CEO of Yapping

his father, benzion mileikowsky (later netanyahu) was born in warsaw in partitioned poland, which was under russian control, to sarah (lurie) and the writer and zionist activist nathan mileikowsky. nathan was a rabbi who toured europe and the united states, making speeches supporting zionism.

if you look at all high level in zionist-stan you see all of them came from europe/africa and they all are zionists frist.

CEO of Yapping

why they kill epstein man boring fuks.

prime minister benjamin netanyahu may have had a direct or indirect connection to billionaire pedophile jeffrey epstein, who was found dead in his jail cell four years ago, the u.s.-based daily beast is reporting.

former prime minister ehud barak met with the late disgraced financier and child sexual abuser jeffrey epstein dozens of times beginning in 2013.

CEO of Yapping

the last sentence is a quote from time of zionist-stan…

one thing they forgot to mention, jeffrey epstein was listed as a pedo in 2008 – ehud barak knew that and meet him dozens times so did trump and many other people.

jeffrey epstein is a jew. the more people find out about jeffrey epstein the funner it get.

Torsten Dietrich

“and yes he is not a real jew he is also a zionist first before anything”

……first and foremost, he is an idiot!


could have been and an ashram for all i saw.

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