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Military Situation On Ukrainian Frontlines On February 22, 2024 (Map Update)

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Military Situation On Ukrainian Frontlines On February 22, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • Russian strikes hit industrial facilities in Kramatorsk;
  • Russian strikes were reported in Slavyansk;
  • Russian strikes destroyed Ukrainian warehouses in Druzhkovka;
  • At least one civilian was killed and 10 other were wounded in Donetsk on February 20;
  • About 65 Russian servicemen were killed by the recent Ukrainian strikes in Trudovskoe;
  • Russian forces planted their flag in Pobeda;
  • Russian forces expanded the zone of their control east of Lastochkino;
  • The Russian Army repelled 7 attacks of the 14th, 32nd mechanised, 25th Air Assault brigades, 115th Territorial Defence Brigade near Stelmakhovka;
  • The Russian Army repelled attacks of the 60th, 63rd mechanised brigades and the 125th Territorial Defence Brigade near Dibrova;
  • Clashes continued in Belogorovka;
  • Clashes continued near Kleshcheyevka;
  • Russian strikes destroyed an ammo depot near Mayaky;
  • Clashes continue in Vodyanoye;
  • Clashes continued in Pervomayskoe;
  • Russian army continues the mop up operation in Avdiivka;
  • Russian artillery shelled the AFU positions near Staromayorskoye;
  • Up to 425 AFU servicemen, two battle tanks, four infantry vehicles, two armoured vehicles, 20 motor vehicles, one D-30 howitzer were eliminated in the Donetsk direction over the past day;
  • The AFU lost up to 450 servicemen, one tank, four infantry vehicles, six armored fighting vehicles, 5 motor vehicles, Grad MLRS, a howitzer in the Avdeevka direction over the past day;
  • The AFU lost up to 210 servicemen, two tanks, three motor vehicles, AN/TPQ-37 radar in the Southern Donetsk direction over the past day.


Military Situation On Ukrainian Frontlines On February 22, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • Russian forces took control of Pobeda village and launched the mop up operation there;
  • Russian forces took control of farmlands in the south of H-15 road;
  • Clashes continued in Georgievka.


Military Situation On Ukrainian Frontlines On February 22, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • Russian Minister of Defense reported Russian control of Krynki. The mop up operation is ongoing in the village;
  • Up to 75 AFU servicemen, one tank, two armoured vehicles, eight motor vehicles, one Zuzana artillery system, two D-30 howitzers were eliminated in the region over the past day.

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village of pobeda which means “victory” in russian has been taken. just a bit of foreshadowing.


a victory indeed. ukraine never stood a chance. only the paid, naive or ill informed thought any different.

Last edited 1 month ago by Name

is there any talk of a spring 2024 offensive yet? a ukrainian one, surely they have to gain more like they did last year, they were so near to mosow.

Last edited 1 month ago by you



ako vidieť tak ruské vojská pomaly pokračujú v oslobodzovaní ďalších území. treba veriť, že sa teraz len tak nezastavia. je potrebné vytlačiť ukrofašistov z donbasu ako hnis s kolena. už nech sa konečne začne hojiť. donbas si už ozaj dosť vytrpel a hlavne jeho civilné obyvateľstvo. svetu mier!!!

Jan Kotke

“afu lost up to…” these rf mod reports are again full of highly exaggerated claims of ukie losses. this “up to” sounds both stupid and funny. only fools believe in this russian military propaganda.

The tank knowe

they are actually low balling here unlike ukrop and western sources. stfu.

jens holm

you dont has acces to our free sources or worse.

most likely you are at a balcony in vladivostok wotj broken glasses.


ha ha ha, the coping again, let me guess: you the suomi guy

Last edited 1 month ago by Duncan
jens holm

just with acces to more and better then facts.

even pinguins knows better and less the you. most likely they are better dressed too.


actually my sources are the same like your sources: “southfront”. but other than you i am not here everyday, i also compare the news from other sources (even from the west). you trust ‘only’ sf, which is quite ok, they are based and honest. you are the sf groupie #1. no homo thou

Last edited 1 month ago by Duncan

so how are the armed forces of the failed ukrainian cia project doing? any figures for casualties in the last ninety days? six months? since the beginning of the smo?


are those 10 cents per comment enough for you to pay your rent? i think not in this western economy. guess you gotta put those over time comments in.

jens holm

these ukra losses are impossible.

its true russians has advanced.


they are very possible and you believe these figures, because you are here everyday. reading. the stats. of southfront. and commenting.

jens holm


im partly retarded and can take me time and do. i also has done it from the 2 tjetjenian wars.

both sides and others lied a lot about about victories and losses.

have a nice day

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