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Tensions Set Middle East Ablaze

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Tensions Set Middle East Ablaze

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Tensions Set Middle East Ablaze
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Tensions Set Middle East Ablaze

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The tensions created by the United States-backed Israeli war on the Palestinian Gaza Strip continue to generate tensions all over the Middle East.

In Yemen, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) escalated attacks against vessels affiliated with Israel, the U.S. and the United Kingdom in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden after violent American strikes hit the country’s capital, Sanaa, on March 22.

On March 26, the Houthis announced that they had attacked the Maersk Saratoga, APL Detroit, and the Huang Pu merchant vessels after identifying them as either American or British, in addition to the Pretty Lady vessel which they claimed was heading to Israel.

The group also said that they had attacked two U.S destroyers in the Red Sea as well as the southernmost Israeli city Eilat.

The Houthis have been attacking vessels affiliated with Israel, the U.S. and the United Kingdom in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in response to the Israeli war and siege on Gaza.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, clashes between Hezbollah and the Israeli military over the war in Gaza continue.

On March 24, Israel escalated by bombing the outskirts of the northeastern Lebanese city of Baalbek, a known stronghold of Hezbollah.

The Israeli military escalated airstrikes on the group’s heartland, southern Lebanon, in the following days. On March 26, at least seven first responders were killed when a medical center in the town of Habbariyeh was attacked. Hezbollah responded on March 27 by firing dozens of rockets at the northern Israeli settlement of Kiryat Shemona, killing an Israeli and causing significant damage.

In Syria, tensions have been also mounting. On March 26, a series of airstrikes hit the government-held part of the eastern governorate of Deir Ezzor. The airstrikes hit the city of Deir Ezzor and its outskirts, as well as some sites in the southern countryside.

Syrian state-media said that the airstrikes claimed the lives of seven military personnel and a civilian. 19 other troops and 13 civilians were wounded. Syrian military officials blamed the airstrikes on the U.S. However, Pentagon officials denied any involvement, leaving Israel as the main suspect.

Following the deadly airstrikes, there were reports of a drone attack on a U.S. base at the Conoco gas facility in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside. This was the first such attack against U.S. forces in the country in over a month.

Despite causing serious tensions all over the Middle East, Israel is yet to achieve any of the objectives of its ongoing war on Gaza, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 32,000 Palestinains and left over 74,000 others wounded.

The U.S. attempts to set the Middle East ablaze are similar to how Washington has been using Ukraine to destabilize Eastern Europe for the last two years. In fact, the last wave of escalation in the region by the U.S. and its allies came amid attempts to destabilize Russia, from Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory during the presidential elections to the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack.


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not washington but israel and der evige juden who sets the middle east ablaze


false moron—we amerikunts invade iraq syria libya yemen


obviously we are inferior to jews—“since love is equated with success in amerikuntistan and jews are more successful we believe they are more loved”. geoffrey gorer

CEO of Yapping

“israel” never do anything without the us support or green light. “israel” alone can’t never pay for their wars… their economy went down by 20% in the 4 months of the war… they were fighting in gaza, not getting bombed in their cities…

the us holding “israel” up, they give them free weapons, ammo, money, one side trade deals, behind the close doors money, they donate to them via 3rd parties… “israel” is charity not a country.

Last edited 2 months ago by CEO of Yapping

the zio does what it wants when it wants , they kill with impunity , with no regard for civilian life, any life for that matter you goyim ..

“they cant pay for there wars? who the fuck owns the central banks dickless, who the fuck prints money out of thin air? who the fuck owns usa ?who the fuck in congress has duel citizenship …

cough cough jews… they are holding them up because they are controlled buy them ..

“its all a big club and you aint it it”

jens holm

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Mighty Orc

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jens holm

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jens holm

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“in addition to the pretty lady vessel”

pretty lady not so pretty anymore…

Last edited 2 months ago by Dstroj

the houthi, hero’s each and every one! the houthi deserve to be recognised, you work for all humanity. god bless.

tom sawyer

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Jesus Christ

see priest and confess your sins

CEO of Yapping

i love the fact how lazy mossad got nowadays. i have seen one post going around again on social media the “meme” that “jews did it”… (for anything that happens).

that meme was used back in syria war as well when isis (the us/israel backed terrorist group) right when you know that picture of idf soldiers talking and saving the lives of isis soldiers.

CEO of Yapping

also, go and watch the un vote for gaza that passed and look at that ugly american woman face. all non-permanent members push that btw…

i was laughing, they said they going to invade rafarh for the 100th times, nothing yet and they said no one can stop them and they fight alone… there are american soldiers in gaza and weapons shipment from the us to “israel” none stop. “jews don’t this and that”… yeah clearly we all wrong about jews that we know them for years.

CEO of Yapping

biden not doing anything because aipac bought him long time ago (he got the most money from aipac, ignore all the other “good deals” he got for jewish lobby and members… ukraine*).

remember “israel” has power in the us thanks to their massive cancer lobby, that is true but at the same time can you blame them? american are fuking getting r*pe by “israel” and what they doing? nothing.

fun fact, zionists openly say “god bless aipac, they are our best ally in the world”…lmfao.

stupo in germland

our little rowboat economy sinking so deep danish lgbt submarine cannot find

Zionist Invaders

with iranian manpads and air defense weapons america can be sucked into poverty by their zionists allies in an asymmetric war that will last as long israel exists.

"R" the peace-WarrioR

both zionist-dictatorships of israels and ukraines, are zionism: political-party, a parody that fascism will outlast military backups, war-materiel and any but stoic-fascist, politics. have we socialists now seen, heard, puked-in-gutter enough, that laws by us: illegal-hegemon is ruinous, as much as starting terrorism by operation gladio–1961?

Icarus Tanović

they hit the pretty lady. that’s kind.


democracy is now currently defined in [the u.s. and europe] as a country run by jewz. it is a tool in the hands of jewz. the biden regime has shown clearly what happens when jews take over our government. as long as that happens, we will have foreign wars, largely in support of israel, and crushing debt.


according to the washington post, the biden’s regime signs off on more bombs and warplanes for the jews in israel. the package comes as jewz face strong international criticism over their continued genocidal bombing and ground offensive against the unarmed palestinian people.

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