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JULY 2024

Two Secret Israeli Bases In Eritrea Came Under Attack – Report

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Two Secret Israeli Bases In Eritrea Came Under Attack - Report

The Dahlak Archipelago, By visiteritrea.net, via Al-Mayadeen.

Israeli forces deployed at two different secret bases in Eritrea had come under attack, Al-Mayadeen reported on October 26.

Citing unnamed military sources in Eritrea, the Lebanese news channel said that a base at the Dahlak Archipelago in the Red Sea and another located on top of the Emba Soira Mountain in the central region were both targeted.

The sources didn’t clarify how or when the two bases were targeted, but said that an Israeli officer was killed in one of the attacks.

Neither the Israeli or Eritrean governments have commented on the Al-Mayadeen report, so far. The Israelis rarely disclose any information about the covert deployment and operations of their military and intelligence abroad.

According to a report released by Stratfor, an United States-based strategic intelligence company, back in 2012, Israel has docks in the Dahlak Archipelago and a listening station on the Amba Sawara mountains.

The docks in the Dahlak Archipelago are allegedly being used by Israel Navy submarines and ships taking part in Israel’s covert war against the Iranian networks smuggling weapons to the Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Yemen.

In 2016, a press message based on information from the Eritrean opposition said that Israel had completed the construction of the listening station on the Emba Soira Mountain to monitor the movement of the Saudi-led coalition involved in the war against the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen and to eavesdrop on Iran.

The report of attacks on secret bases in Eritrea came as the unprecedented war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza was heating up.

Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria have already launched more than a dozen with drones and rocket attacks against U.S. bases. The Houthis were also accused of firing more than a dozen cruise missiles and suicide drones at Israel via the Red Sea. The missiles and drones were reportedly shot down by a U.S. warship and Saudi air defenses.


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they are not that secret as they were attackt. the regime off eritrea must be punnished as they help the zio – parasite on there sole. the yankee ship who shot down the drones must be hit with anti ship missil because it takes part in the war against palestine and yemen.

Beryl Desmond

eritrea is usa bought owned. they need to wake up, see how usa treats allies.

tom sawyer

false are you amerikan moron?


that’s precisely why eritrea was carved out of ethiopia in the 90’s, to serve as an imperial outpost on the african horn. the same tactics that the empire of lies later on employed in kosovo…


you’re a liar. eritrea was not carved out of ethiopia. eritrea was forced to join ethiopia by the us and uk in the 1950s. you so called ‘independent’ geopolitical readers are barely different than mainstream sheep. you have no critical thought, just repeat ad nauseum.

both the us and soviets supported ethiopia against eritrea. try again.

Frank Frivilous

in the early 1980’s i encountered hundreds of eriteans in dallas, texas who all told me explicitly that they were training to fight for the independence of eritrea from ethiopia.


how can eritrea booted out of swift and sanctioned repeatedly, voting against us repeatedly be bought and sold by the us? check your facts before you lie.


muslims across the region are taking up arms against these bases. middle east, north and central africa, central asia etc. they see what is going on and know that the west doesn’t care about what the world thinks anymore.


surprise—how does this benefit israel? socialist eritrea has no diplomatic or trade relations w usa


egypt just got hit by a drone “coming from the red sea”, they being fired from an israeli base in eritrea fits the bill perfectly! quite shameful that eritrea allows zionist presence in their country!

Donald Moore

great news, attack them where you can find them!


africa has khazar cancer. it must be extirpated immediately.

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